2 Jours Entre Canal et Rigole (2-day trail)

Personnes concernées: 
65 kms
2 jours
Percentage of paths: 
80 %
Length of urban area: 
1 kms
Car park address at starting point: 
car park and picnic area aof vaux Nort
Other car parks: 
Arcades park and picnic area
At Vive Eve, you can park a few vehicles

Water in all its forms. During this excursion, you will travel around Lake Vioreau while following the Canal de Nantes à Brest that flows into the lake.

The small stream feeding the Canal de Nantes à Brest contains many remarkable engineering wonders. By following it, you will go on a magnificent journey through the little-known heritage of the picturesque and historical region of the Loire Atlantique.

It connects Lake Voireau and its dam to the Canal de Nantes à Brest. During its construction, to ensure a constant slope of 14cm per km, while crossing the various valleys existing between Vioreau and the canal, it was necessary to build 4 aqueducts (known as Arcades) and a long 600m tunnel to avoid following the twists and turns of the contour lines.

At the Moulin de Vaux mill, you will discover the Erdre like never before.

Remarkable sites: 
Lake Vioreau
Lake Vioreau
Vioreau pond doesn't deserve his name ; it should be called Vioreau lake. It's a water reservoir located in Joué sur Erdre town, in Loire Atlantique, a the north of Nantes. It's made of two ponds: "Grand Vioreau" and "Petit Vioreau" on a 200 ha area.
Saint Georges bridge Nort sur Erdre
Saint Georges bridge
Specific information: 
The beach is open in summer after 19H
Additional information: 
Dangerous areas, restrictions: 
A Vive Eve, delicate crossing traversée the D26 road.
Compulsory walk on stabilised towpaths
Crossing aqueducts must be done from the bottom.
To cross the bridge on the east side of Vioreau lake, walk between the lake and the safety barrier.
Horses are forbidden on Vioreau "beach". You are allowed to walk nearby the edge of the forest.
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