Mervent-Vouvant : Mervent forest-Pont de la Vallée bridge

Personnes concernées: 
24 kms
1 jours
Percentage of paths: 
94 %
Car park address at starting point: 
Pont de la Vallée bridge in Mervent
Other car parks: 
Maison forestière Les Verreries (forest house)

IGN 1427 E

Difficult trail.

The dense forest is marked by a horseshoe. The direction of the horseshoe indicates the direction to take.

  • straigt
  • right
  • left

As markings aren't numbered, it is better to take a map because some intersections could take you to other itineraries.

At La Stèle Ford: it sometimes rises one meter in winter and during major floods or weather alerts.

Caution : branches might be  carried to the stream of les Verreries.

Remarkable sites: 
Remarkable tree photo
Part of the remarkable tree
Dangerous areas, restrictions: 
La Stèle Ford not always passable in winter
Ruisseau de la verreries (stream): caution