Forêt et plage La Barre de monts-Notre Dame de Monts

Personnes concernées: 
21 kms
1 jours
Percentage of paths: 
100 %
Car park address at starting point: 
La Parée Grollier
Other car parks: 
Plage de la Bergère (in front of holiday camps)

21km trail including 6 on the beach and 15 in the forest.

You will discover the national forest of La Barre de Monts by simply taking the riding paths. This forest has a very distinctive feature: it is on the dune so there are only sand trails.

You will not only meet deer, but also wild boar, which is not always your horse's cup of tea.

And if the time and tides permit, you are more than welcome to enjoy a quick gallop on the beach.

Please show respect to others, including sand yachts.

Parking is available at La Parée Grollier (near the water treatment plant) or in front of the summer camps near the Plage de la Bergère beach.

Details on the regulations for accessing the beach:

La Barre de Monts: access to the beach on this trail, located between Noirmoutier bridge and the town of Notre Dame de Monts, is regulated. Horses are permitted from 15 June to 15 September at low tide until 9am and after 7pm.

Notre Dame de Monts: Below the Plage des Brays beach going towards St Jean de Monts, the beach is closed to horses from 1 April to 30 September from 9am to 7pm.

Outside these periods, you are free to access the beach during low tide without any specific time limit.