Barrage de la Vouraie

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14 kms
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98 %
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Sur D48

The trail that goes around the Barrage de la Vouraie dam (between Chantonnay and Bournezeau, towards St Hilaire le Vouhis) allows for a nice excursion. The landscape is very hilly on part of the route. The trail is flatter on the west side.

To access it, car park available on road D 48.


To access the start of the "horse" trail: cross the bridge and go up the road until you reach the wooden bar on the left.

Warning, it is best to go on a Sunday. During the week, large trucks go up and down to the quarry and there is no roadside to pull over.

It is prohibited to take the path along the water, which is reserved for pedestrians. Follow the upper path on the right.

In the second part, beware of holes dug by river rats and badgers. As usual, when there are river rat holes, do not pass between the holes and water due to tunnels.

Towards the middle of the course, there is a wooden bridge. It is stable but it is better to cross with your horse in hand.

When you arrive, you will be facing the car park. All you need to do is cross the road.

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