Personnes concernées: 
32 kms
1 jours
Percentage of paths: 
65 %
Car park address at starting point: 
Port du Bec
Other car parks: 
Port des Champs
Pointe des Poloux

In the heart of the Marais Breton (Breton marshland), in the town of Bouin, this trail allows you to observe a variety of birds such as common gulls, black-headed gulls, pied avocets, grey heron, sacred ibis, little egrets, cattle egrets, moorhens, ducks, (shelducks, mallards), harriers, European green woodpeckers, great spotted woodpeckers, Eurasian collared doves, cuckoos, a variety of perching birds, wood pigeons, swifts and more as well as hares, rabbits, river rats and other rodents.

The Marais Breton Vendéen is a complete system of dams and canals, gates and locks and pumping systems that drain fresh water towards the sea. The canals merge into channels that flow into the sea.

Protected by a dam, the polders of Bouin are located below sea level and are home to many oyster farms.

Champs, Brochets and Bec (also known as the "petit port chinois", or small Chinese port) are all ports set up at the mouth of the channels with wooden stakes driven into the mud that hold lop-sided pontoons.

It is also the first wind park set up in Vendée with 8 windmills each 62m tall spread over a strip of 2.5km. It can provide electricity to up to 20,000 homes (excluding heat).

Remarkable sites: 
Port des champs (fields harbour)
One of the 4 small Chinese ports of the area
Bouin wind farm
The first french wind farm created in Vendée
Chemin de la Louippe
Road linking the Port des Champs to Port des Brochets lined with typical fisherman's huts.
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