St Vincent sur Jard-La Tranche sur Mer

Personnes concernées: 
39 kms
1 jours
Percentage of paths: 
69 %
Car park address at starting point: 
Gîte de Bourg Paillé (cottage)
Other car parks: 
Les Longeais

IGN map 1328 TO.

This loop of 39 km consists of 27 km of roads or beaches.

Vous traverserez la forêt, la plage, les marais.

From Bourg Paillé, small farm roads will lead you to the riding ring of ST VINCENT SUR JARD. To reach the beach, you will cross a subdivision area. On the beach to your right, you will see the port of JARD SUR MER. Go along the slightly rocky coast until you reach the Grouin lighthouse.

Attention aux baïnes : elles peuvent être profondes. Il faut éviter d'y entrer au galop.

When you leave the beach, you will find picnic areas along the forest.

Le retour se fera par les chemins du marais, lieu idéal pour observer les oiseaux. A noter que les canaux peuvent également être empruntés en canoë pour découvrir ce site.

Particular attention should be paid on the paths of the marsh:

  • Coypu holes are not visible at once. Be careful, avoiding high speed.
  • the soil is very rich in clay and the weather and the passage of tractors may make the paths difficult: ruts, sticky soil, etc.

After the marsh, you will cross the plain on small roads, then a large track of 2kms in length to gallop, all-weather standard, to get to Bourg Paillé.

If you want to shorten the route, you can also join the "Longeville-Maison Neuve" trail from CONCHES.

IMPORTANT: access to the beaches are prohibited in summer, it's better to use this itinerary off summer season.

Remarkable sites: 
Maison de Georges CLEMENCEAU photo
Maison de Georges Clemenceau
Grouin Lighthouse photo
Grouin Lighthouse
Specific information: 
Access to the beach closed during summer.
Dangerous areas, restrictions: 
On the beach, the undertow can be strong. Avoid entering at a gallop.
Paths of the marsh: slow down to avoid coypu holes.
Paths of the marsh: depending on weather conditions, the clay soil is sometimes sticky, sometimes ve