St Cyr en Talmondais-St Vincent sur Jard

Personnes concernées: 
35 kms
1 jours
Percentage of paths: 
76 %
Car park address at starting point: 
Gîte de Bourg Paillé (cottage)
Other car parks: 
Gîte La Maison Neuve (cottage)

This route takes you through the areas of St Cyr en Talmondais, La Jonchère, Le Bernard, St Hilaire la Forêt and St Vincent sur Jard.

During this pleasant tripAu cours de cet agréable parcours on the shoreline, you will pass through small roads, farm tracks ans hedged farmlands, to link the three equestrian: Maison Neuve, La Henrière, Bourg Paillé.

The route crosses the small "Carnac Vendéen". You will see many megaliths along the trail and nearby, especially in the village of LE BERNARD.

Au tronçon de la Henrière-Bourg Paillé (en jaune sur la carte), prendre l'une des deux déviations car le tronçon n'est pas accessible aux attelages.


In the commune of BERNARD, at Gué de Choisy (Troussepoil) ford, the bank is sloping and facing to the D21 road.

Some footpaths are impassable in rainy weather: mud, ruts, etc.

Wetland in ST HILAIRE LA FORET: the path, closed to motor vehicules, must be retored. It is delicate during rainy season.

ST HILAIRE LA FORET - ST VINCENT SUR JARD Ford, in the La Henrière - Bourg Paillé direction: this one, being dug in the left part of the path, is flooded by rain and the water level can be surprising. You have to go right to avoid the ford.

Remarkable sites: 
Dolmen of la Frébouchère in Le Bernard photo
Dolmen of la Frébouchère in Le Bernard
Dolmen of Savatole photo
Dolmen of Savatole