Circuit de Bercé et les coteaux du Loir

Personnes concernées: 
32.20 kms
1 jours
Percentage of paths: 
79 %
Length of urban area: 
2 kms
Car park address at starting point: 
sources de l'hermitière , forêt de Bercé
Other car parks: 
Flée municipality, communal space at the bottom of the "château de la motte thibergeau"

This trail allows you to discover the forest of Bercé and Coteaux du Loir

In going into the forest of Bercé, you will discover the beautiful Hermitère and its remarkable wooded area. 

South of the trail, the Chapel of St. Cecilia provides a pleasant stop in a preserved historical area.

This trail is a certified "espace de sport de pleine nature" (outdoor sports area) by the departmental council. 



This trail is not specifically marked for riders, so please make sure to have the necessary maps. You can print some of them here.

Riding in the forest requires some sense of direction and knowledge in map reading.

Additional information: 
Accommodations on the itinerary: 
Dangerous areas, restrictions: 
descent after la chapelle Sainte Cécile