Circuit de Parigné le Polin

Personnes concernées: 
21.30 kms
1 jours
Percentage of paths: 
86 %
Length of urban area: 
1 kms
Car park address at starting point: 

Legend has it that it was in these woods through which the trail passes that King Charles VI was struck with madness in 1392.

Today the village of Parigné le Polin set up a riding area at the town entrance in front of the gates of Saint Michel des Perrais grammar school, accommodating approximately 10 vehicles and offering a paddock for about 10 horses. You can also picnic and camp here by informing the town hall beforehand (+33 (0)2 43 87 84 35).

This trail heads toward Guécelard and takes the path called "Les Filières". When arriving at a place called "Le Gué d'Heutebize" (The Ford of Heutebize), you may be tempted to take the path in front of you, but beware, it is a private road. We advise you to follow the road until you reach the junction of 5 paths.

Be careful, at the end of Chemin de la Lande Chouanne, you reach the D307, a very busy road.

This trail is a certified "espace de sport de nature" (outdoor sports area) by the Departmental Council of Sarthe.

The entire trail is open to carriages.

Additional information: 
Dangerous areas, restrictions: 
end of la lande chouanne, D307, very busy road.